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Movement Fitness

For the motivated, driven, and determined climber who is sick of not seeing any progression in their climbing. The climber that is READY to take meaningful action towards their dream goals!

Do you even know why
you aren't progressing?

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There could be MANY reasons why you aren't making progress in your climbing. You're probably stuck in what we call a plateau. Meaning you've been climbing the same grades for a few months now and haven't felt stronger, more confident, more efficient with your movement. And probably more things you don't feel.

You're probably struggling to stay motivated and probably are unsure of what to do. I mean how could you truly be sure; the internet is FILLED with different opinions on strength training, climbing movement, and mindset training.

Well, I'm here to tell you that it's time to stop looking for answers and it's time to start improving for real. Your solution is extremely simple and effective. There's no reason for you not to be smashing your goals in the next few months.

So, are we doing this?

You are meant for amazing things in your climbing journey. NOW is the time to fully INVEST IN YOURSELF! I can't wait to work with you and mentor you through your climbing journey!

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We'll work together for 3 months and unleash the hidden potential of your climbing abilities. Shifting that focus to yourself, your dreams, and unleash the climber you've always wanted to be!

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Personalized climbing assessments! Let's put our heads together and discover the missing links holding you back from your climbing. Physical, technical, and psychological assessments.

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You and me. That's it. A single session where we take whichever aspects of climbing that you're most focused on and we'll take you to the next level. Enhancing your overall climbing abilities!

Hey there!

My name is Nick Ranelli

Professional Climbing Coach

Nationally Ranked Competition Climber

Certified Strength Coach and Nutritionist

I wasn't always in the national rankings as a competitor or sending double digit boulder problems. Like you, I've struggled (and continue to struggle) through the grades. It's not easy, it's a journey.

Keep reading to hear about my roller coaster of a journey early in my climbing career and how I elevated myself into the person I am today.

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Let's keep this up!
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