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Climb with Purpose
And Unleash Yourself

Unleash Your Full Potential Through Personalized Training Programs and 1-on-1 coaching to achieve your dream goals!

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Meet Nick Ranelli

Professional Climbing Coach of 5 Years

Nick Ranelli, SSC CNS, is a US Open Nationals competitor, NACS Semi-Finalist, V13 climber, and strength and conditioning coach.

Nick has coached over 100 climbers ranging from V0-V12, 5.10a-5.14a, and competition climbers from age 10 all the way to 50+!

Nick believes in the long-term journey and takes a holistic approach to training and climbing. 

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We believe in a cultural, holistic, and individualized approach, our athletes achieve high levels of success and build a high sense of community throughout the sport. We believe in this approach because it connects us with climbing’s roots: community and hard work. Climbing is a long-term journey, and everyone's journey is unique.

All of our coaching services reflect this. Everything offered at Primal Movement Fitness contains an element of personalization to maximize the experience of our athletes. Through fully customized programming to 1-on-1 coaching sessions, ebooks, and digital training programs, we can help you become the best version of yourself.

We can help you unleash your full climbing potential and realize that your dream goals don't have to be dreams.

Are You Ready?

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Our Mission And Vision

Our mission is to show the climbing community that our values make all their dream achievements possible. We also aim to raise the bar of education in coaching climbing plus training for climbing, becoming some of the nation’s most respected coaches.

Our vision is to help climbers become the best versions of themselves through our holistic coaching approach that instills our core values: Community, Discipline, Hard Work, Integrity, and passion.


Get To Know Our Team!

We're not just talking behind a screen. We're real people, too. We're all climbers.

Just like you, we love this sport. We love the community that climbing is supposed to give us.


We believe in community and culture.

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Nick Ranelli, SSC CNS

Founder/CEO & Head Coach


Monica Stert

Administrative Assistant & The Idea Machine 

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