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They grew tired of where they were at in their climbing.


They decided to take massive
life changing action!

Check out the results these athletes have achieved and how their lives changed!

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“Nick Ranelli is a great coach and trainer. I started climbing only a few months ago and with Nick coaching me I feel that I have really grown as a climber. His training plans fit my current strengths and weaknesses and helped me improve so much.”

- Sam

“Nick Ranelli coaches my daughter in the Advanced Team. His practice sessions are always hard work, challenging and tiring but also fun and with targeted goals for all the climbers. Nick is great at forming strong, positive relationships with his team and my daughter always leaves Reach with a sense of achievement and progress.”

- Chris

"Nick makes fantastic plans tailored to your specific climbing goals. I felt that my finger strength was holding me back from progressing and so I reached out to Nick. Nick made me a simple and effective training plan that was easy to execute and at the end of the plan I managed to send my season project after the best temperatures had passed! I definitely recommend working with Nick if you're serious about improving and reaching your goals."

- Will

“Nick is outstanding at goal specific programming and adapting once goals have been met. With his guidance, in 6 weeks I was able to meet my year goal of speed climbing in sub 20seconds. He's motivating, makes the plans fun, and is incredibly knowledgeable about climbing specific training!”

- Jacquelyn

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“When I started training with Nick, my goals were fairly simple: get stronger, get healthier. Based on our conversation, he took a holistic approach, providing simple nutritional and lifestyle guidelines, alongside a multi-step exercise plan that focused on my goal of building strength for climbing. Not only am I climbing better, tackling harder routes with more endurance, but I’m leaner, have more energy, and feel confident in maintaining these changes long-term. His humor and enthusiasm make even the really tough moments a lot of fun!”

- Aftyn

“Nick Ranelli is an amazing coach and person. He is always there for you even when it is not during class. He makes you believe you can do things you never thought were possible; and then you succeed!”

- Adam

“Since our daughter joined Reach Climbing and Fitness she has grown leaps and bounds as a climber/athlete. It’s all she talks about and would probably climb every day if it fit her schedule. Our daughter’s new-found enjoyment for climbing is a direct result of Coach Nick Ranelli’s passion for the sport. He is an amazing coach and inspiration. Not only does he know about climbing but he is also extremely knowledgeable about physical fitness and nutrition. His versatility as a coach and climbing expertise is creating some amazing athletes.”

- Scott

“Nick is a great coach and climber, and he understands bouldering techniques. He is an experienced climber and a nice, easy-going person. I like working with him because he is always uplifting and
helps me progress in my climbing.”

- Fiona

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“Spending about a year coaching alongside Nick, I got to see first hand how dedicated he is at pushing his athletes to become their very best. More than once, I saw Nick workout out with our team after a full day of training himself. Who better to learn hard work and discipline from than someone who practices these values everyday.”

- Nick

“Since I started working with Nick about a year ago, he has helped me to become a better and stronger athlete. Thanks to his help, I am now able to reach the goals I set for myself and consistently see myself make progress in climbing and my overall fitness. Nick is also a mentor to me as a colleague, and he has used his passion and expertise to guide me through my process of becoming a coach. Nick is everything a climbing coach needs to be, and working with him is the best way to improve your climbing.”

- Jake

"Nick has been coaching my daughter on the Reach Advanced Team for 5 months. In this relatively short amount of time she has not only improved as a climber, but she has also become noticeably more confident and resilient in other parts of her life. Nick is very good at pushing the kids outside of their comfort zone but never in a way that makes them frustrated or scared. Additionally, while gyms were closed through the holidays due to the pandemic, Nick continued to offer opportunities to the kids to participate in Zoom workouts and outdoor bouldering trips. He loves coaching his team, and they love him right back."

- Eric

“I have been coaching with Nick Ranelli for nearly 2 years. In this time Nick has demonstrated himself to be a consummate professional, holding himself and his coaching to the highest caliber. I have watched Nick interact with children and adults in a supportive and encouraging manner, as he guides their development in climbing and physical fitness as a whole. His attention to detail and commitment to excellence shine through in the instruction he delivers.”

- Michelle

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