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Ready to discover
what's holding you back?

We're going to work together and figure out the fine details of your personal limiting factors and how we can dismantle them!

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It's time to dig deep and unlock the power of your mind!

For 30 minutes we'll work together and identify the limiting beliefs holding you back from ultimate sucess! 


- The limiting beliefs you didn't know you had

- How those limiting beliefs are impacting your climbing performance

- How to begin dismantling those limiting beliefs and unlocking the true power of your mind!

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Movement Assessments

Everyone needs to learn movement! 

In our 45-minute time block we're going to explore the intricacies of your climbing movement! 


- What movements you need to learn that you didn't know exist

- A deeper understanding of your natural climbing style

- Ways to dismantle a perceived need for more strength, power, and endurance!

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Strength Assessments

Unlimited strength, power, and endurance can go a long way... if you have.

We're going to identify the key factors you need for short-term and long-term improvements to your climbing.


- Identification and a deep understanding of your strengths and weaknesses

- How to begin turning your weaknesses into strengths

- How to apply this new understanding of yourself to your short-term climbing goals!

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