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Early on in my climbing I progressed really fast, getting all the way to V7/V8 in about my first 8 months of climbing. Yea... about a grade a month, it was wild.


I was smashing climbs down left and right. Finding a stride in competitions. And then, well... let's say I entered a rough patch. And all of the success just simply halted.

Learning The Truth

When I was in high school, I found out a nasty truth about my childhood. I couldn't handle it. It nearly destroyed my mind and broke me. I fell into addiction, depression, and approached ending it all. My whole life slipping away from me, into darkness.

Turns out, this darkness is exactly what I personally needed.

I eventually reached a breaking point. That's when I started considering ending it all. I had one choice. I either be consumed by the darkness or I let in the light. So that's what I did. I decided to make the change.

I went deep into my mind. Using whatever power my mind had. Which turned out to be my most powerful asset and when I learned just how powerful the mind was for anyone.

I managed to pull myself from the darkness. Vowing to lead a life that would never allow me back there, and to live a life opposite to that nasty truth that thrusted me into that darkness. This was the moment that the tiger was truly born.

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About Page Tiger Tat.png

That's what the tiger tattoo represents!

Past, Present, and Future

The past I come from.

The present of overcoming the past and elevating myself to who I am today.

The future I am creating.

So how did I go from addict to high level athlete?

After I overcame everything, I knew it was time to level up my climbing. I had no clue how, so I went to my coaches.

They told me just keep climbing, keep projecting, and EVENTUALLY I would improve.

EVENTUALLY?!?!?! I thought.

How long was eventually?!?

I needed a solution.

There had to be a better way.

I dove into research mode. Spending hours, days, weeks, even months researching and studying the best climbers (and athletes) in the world. Understanding everything I could about strength training, anatomy, and physiology. 

Becoming a certified fitness trainer (now strength coach) and nutritionist. Studying the mind and how to make it stronger. Research and learning that I still continue to do today (and honestly will never stop learning things).

I even begun dabbling into coaching at my local gym. Everything I could to expand my knowledge to figure this out. Coaching at my local gym birthed a new passion for helping people! Enhancing my drive to continue researching.

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Eventually it clicked, and I saw wild changes. 

During the initial lockdown from COVID is when I started developing a training system. And my new system started working!

Not only did the system work for me, but even worked phenomenally for those that I was coaching at my local gym.

Fast forward and now.

I am a nationally ranked competition climber, V11 boulderer, 5.13 sport climber, and a professional climbing coach.

So, what is this system i am talking about?

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By combining all 3 facets of athletic performance!

Physical, Technical, and Mental Aspects

My methodology of training utilizes all 3 in conjunction. By allowing these aspects to work together, you can truly get on a path to athletic prowess. 

This kind of methodology wasn't being used among other climbing coaches I observed. I saw them working on these aspects individually, so I experimented with using them in conjunction. The results were incredible and I want the climbing community to see the power of this method. 

So, where does Primal
fit into this story?

After I saw my methods working for other people. I knew I had to spread this further in the climbing community. I was called to this. And thus, Primal Movement Fitness was born!

I took a HUGE and TERRIFYING leap in starting my own business. I INVESTED IN MYSELF. Just like the way I preach to my clients and the community. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. 

And once I fully invested in myself, I elevated.

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So, are you ready to elevate yourself?

Let's do this!

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We'll work together for 3 months and unleash the hidden potential of your climbing abilities. Shifting that focus to yourself, your dreams. Unleashing the climber you were meant to be!

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Personalized climbing assessments! Let's put our heads together and discover the missing links holding you back from your climbing. Physical, technical, and mental assessments!

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You and me. That's it. A single session where we take the aspects of climbing that you're most psyched on, and take it to the next level. Enhancing your overall climbing abilities!

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