I know there's a lot of information out there. Not sure how to navigate it and achieve your climbing goals?

Don't worry,

I've got your back! Learn a bit about me and how I can help you below.

Hi! I'm Nick!

I've been climbing for 6 years now, competing and climbing outside the entire time! I've also been coaching for many of those years now, due to my love for the sport! Progressing as a climber has been everything to me since I started. I did the time to learn everything I can to be the best climber and coach I can be! Now I take everything I have learned and continue to learn to help others achieve their climbing goals!

Outside of climbing I am also a student! I attend Temple University here in Philadelphia. I also love spending time outside and with the people closest to me. My girlfriend and I spend a lot of time together. We are always doing things! We don't like to stay at home! Oh and don't forget, I am a HUGE dog person! My favorite dog breed is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!

What Makes Me Qualified to Be Your Coach?

Like I said, I have a lot of experience competing and climbing HARD outside! I've also done my fair share of studying! Something I actually continue to do today!

Certified Fitness Trainer - ISSA

Certified Nutrition Specialist - ISSA

Strength and Conditioning Specialist - ISSA

(Finishing this in February 2022)

Bachelor's in Exercise and Sport Science - Temple University

(Currently working on this as well)

Competing and coaching experience at many youth regional, divisional, and national competitions

Competing at open national competitions

Outdoor sends all the way up to V11

My Mission

My mission is simple. To change people's lives through climbing and training. Climbing has drastically changed my life in a positive way. I want you to experience the changes I did. Climbing showed me a version of myself that I wouldn't have thought possible. I was at a low point in my life.

Climbing pulled me back up.

It gave me confidence, empowerment, and pride in myself. Climbing and training showed me that I am capable of accomplishing virtually anything. It gave me identity. Thus my mission was born. To use climbing and training to create the same positive changes in people's lives. The same changes I got to experience, and continue to experience.