A Fitness Journey

I have been an athlete my entire life. I have competed in a vast number of sports including gymnastics, parkour, martial arts, volleyball, and soccer. Currently, I am competing in rock climbing. I climb for Reach Climbing & Fitness in Bridgeport, PA. At Reach, I coach the youth climbing team, as well as fitness related training. I am an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, and Certified Nutrition Specialist. My goal is to use my knowledge and experience to help anyone achieve their goals to improve health and fitness!

All my life I have always been driven to be the best at what I am doing. My determination to climb harder sets me apart from others. When there is a will to improve there is a way! The journey to success is everything. This is my journey and so far I am having the time of my life. Through fitness and climbing I have made some of the most memorable experiences in life and met some amazing people along the way. God has given me a great gift and I want to extend that gift to you. I want to be apart of your journey to fitness success. I want to help guide you through your journey to achieve your goals.

Fun Facts

  • ​ Athlete for Neon Climbing and Physivantage 

  •  Black Belt in South Korean martial art Tang Soo Do

  • Martial Artist for 10 years

  • Soccer player for 8 years

  • Gymnastics for 3 years

  • Parkour for 2 years

  • Competed at Youth Nationals for Speed Climbing